Explore the city by bicycle!

The City of Buenos Aires is one of the most chosen destinations by tourists from all over the world. This is due to its varied cultural offering, imposing European- style buildings and the large number of activities and events designed especially for visitors

Buenos Aires, with its 48 neighborhoods, is an extensive city that deserves to be explored in its entirety by anyone who visits it. For this reason, Ecobici offers a sustainable way to get to know it.

Download the BA Ecobici app through Tembici, register with your passport and credit card, choose the pass you like the most and let’s pedal!

We have exclusive passes for you to enjoy the City by bicycle!

We have exclusive countries so you can enjoy the City by bike!


ARS 1.050

1 trip of 30 min


ARS 3.450

unlimited trips of up to 60 min. s/c with 15 min. intervals, 24 hours a day, every day.


ARS 7.480

unlimited trips of up to 120 min s/c with 15 min. intervals, during 72hs every day


ARS 8.960

unlimited trips of up to 120 min s/c with 15 min intervals, for 7 days every day

If you exceed the usage time of your trip, an additional charge of ARS16 will be charged for each minute of excess.

How to use the system?

Download BA Ecobici from Tembici and register

Log in with your username and password

Select the station you are at on the map

Scan the QR code or enter the code on the keyboard

Prepare! Let's ride!

How to return the bike?

Take it to the nearest station that has spaces available. Check that the bike is securely secured by pulling it towards you. You should ALWAYS wait for the green light to flash. If there is a problem with the return, the red light will come on. In this case, it is necessary to anchor it in another available position or at another station. If you can’t, write to us on WhatsApp 11 9 5899-0300.

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