How do I register?

You can do it through our App: BA Ecobici by Tembici or in person.

Online Registration

Register by APP

Download the app on your cell phone: BA Ecobici by tembici, from PlayStore or AppStore. Registration is by credit or debit card.

You can also register from the application BA Ecobici by Tembici that you can download on your mobile: iOS or Android.

On-site registration

What do I need if I want to register in person?

Request an appointment in our chat channel and, on the assigned day, show up with the following documents:

  • Original ID card.
  • Have a cell phone number that can receive SMS.
  • A service in your name or with the same address that appears in your ID card. Remember that the service must be no more than 2 months old and must not have any debt. The address must be within Argentina.
  • The maximum waiting time is 10 minutes and the appointments are ONLY for registration.
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